about us

Nashville CARES is providing a one stop shop Health & Wellness Community Center for Same Gender Loving Men of Color, Gay / Bisexual Men and others within the LGBTQ+ Spectrum.  Support services include:

CARES My House Clinic w/Telehealth services,

Same day Clinic visits as schedule allows,

Gender Affirming Care (HRT),

Primary Care for insured patients,

PrEP & PEP treatment & navigation,

HIV & STI testing and treatment,

prevention education & outreach,

drop-in  & event space with free WiFi, in-person & virtual programming in evenings/weekends,

volunteer opportunities and other integrated activities.


To bring love, compassion & support for Same Gender Loving (SGL) males and entire LGBTQ community to become self-sufficient by prioritizing health, wellness and a sense of individual value.