3MV stands for Many Men, Many Voices. 3MV is an interactive group program for men of color who identify as gay, same-gender loving, or who engage in sex with other men. The program addresses ideas that impact the behaviors of these men including group identity, cultural/social norms, sexual relationship dynamics, and the social influences of racism and homophobia. These groups are peer-facilitated and are safe, welcoming, confidential spaces for sharing and growth.


To help same gender loving/gay men of color develop a better sense of self identity, educate them on their sexual health, and empower them to make informed decisions regarding their behaviors.


Prior to the Covid19 Pandemic our 3MV groups in Nashville were generally conducted over 7 sessions, usually scheduled as weekend-long gatherings (Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon) at a meeting/lodging destination within Nashville or surrounding areas. 

Currently we are providing virtual cycles and welcome participants to invite your friends to attend!

Earn $200 after a completed cycle!

Previous participants can earn $20 per referral that completes a full 3MV cycle.

Contact Shamar 615 500-9061

If you are interested in attending a 3MV gathering fill out this form: 3MV Gathering Form